Welcome to the "3 Week Crypto Team"

Our team has the only System on planet earth where the average person can start with $20 and potentially earn $219,000 in 3 weeks with


Here's the STEPS to take to complete your first 2 x 6 matrix

Remember, this is very simple so don't complicate it. 

Just follow the STEPS given below and you can be in position to develop daily pay into your bitcoin wallet.  

Dear Crypto Wealth Builder,

Thank you for your interest in being part of the only team that will help you achieve wealth. 

You are here because one of our team members introduced you to Crypto-Builder and now you need to learn how to implement our step-by-step system.  Or you may want to simply know how to get started.

It's really not that complicated and comes down to four simple rules to follow.

  1. Join Crypto-Builder with your sponsor or team leaders link.  You can start with $20 or up to 17 positions.
  2. Refer at least one person to qualify to earn commission on all your positions. 
  3. You will start earning Bitcoin (BTC) as your team grows.  Reinvest 50% to 100% of your commissions until you have 17 total postions.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly for the success of this team, when you receive $10,000 from your levels 1 to 5 pay days, take $500 and reinvest to help those who helped you succeed.  Just take $500 of your profits and purchase 25 new positions from your initial link.  This strategy will insure that all the holes in your group's matrix are filled and pushes everyone on  your team through to their level 5 and soon their level 6 $186,000 pay day.

That's It - Four Steps to potentially Earning $219,000 in Three Weeks!!!

Here's the most frequently asked questions...

This system will work and you can complete a 2 x 6 matrix in 3 weeks if you follow the steps.

Now I know many of you have questions and I am here to show you how this can work for you.  Here's the list of questions that are answered below.

  • What do I need to get started?
  • How many people does it take to complete a 2 x 6 matrix? 
  • Why do I need 17 positions? 
  • Who is behind Crypto-Builder?
  • More to come......

Answers to the FAQ's

  1. What do I need to get started?  You will need $20 in a Bitcoin wallet.  Before you join Crypto-Builder, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet at an exchange like: Coinbase, Gemini, Blockchain, etc.  After you join and BEFORE you pay your $20 in Bitcoin, you will need to enter your receiving Bitcoin (BTC) address.  Make sure you have your receiving BTC address ready. Why?  Because the system is 100% automated.  Once you start earning commissions, Crypto-Builder will  automatically send you commissions in Bitcoin (BTC) to your receiving address (that you supply when you signed up).

  2. How many people does it take to complete a 2 x 6 matrix?  Crypto-Builder is not a 2 x 6 matrix of people, but a 2 x 6 matrix of phases.  It only takes 64 people on level 6 to push you through all phases, but these 64 people have to get through 6 phases too. Therefore, it takes your 11th level or approximately 4,000 positons (not people) to get you through 6 phases.

  3. Why do I need 17 positions?  If everyone only purchased one position, it could take up to a year or more for 4,000 people to join your team.  And you would have many holes in your matrix.  Once you start buying more positions, you are filling the holes in your matrix.  When your team buys more positions, they are filling holes too.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, if everyone buys 17 positions, then you only need 250 to 300 people to earn $219,000 AND with your earned postions and your 17 purchased positions, you'll have over 340 new positions in the matrix that can earn $219,000 each.  It is a never ending BTC money machine!!!

  4. Who is behind Crypto-Builder?  Hannes Jordaan from South Africa.  He has a program running for over 2 years and it is still going.  But Crypto-Builder takes it to a new level.  He spent the past year setting this up and this one is 100% automated and set-up to last.  You can watch an hour long webinar on the website:  https://crypto-builder.com/page/howitworks  Click on this link and then scroll down on the page to see the recorded webinar.  

"Just to let you know that I am really happy and satisfied on how easy this program works.  All I have to do is promote my Team's link.  Yes it's alot better when working as a team to get results faster.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an easy and successfull program."

- Hernan Gutierrez

When I started in Crypto-Builder, I started like most programs.  But once I talked to Hannes and figured out that a system would allow us to complete the matrix quickly, I implemented the above steps and our team is taking off like a wildfire.  Join us today because tomorrow, there could be a few levels filled below you, because all of our members are purchasing additonal positions.  This is the world's very first 100% team build - dedicated to helping you achieve wealth.

I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and someday, we'll meet on the beaches of the world.  

To your success,

Paul Persaud 

Your 3 Week Crypto-Builder World-Wide Team Leader

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