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 Here's What a Layman Is Doing

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The Problem:  Our health care system focuses on treating Chronic Diseases versus Prevention 

Watch the video below to learn why 86% of health care costs are being spent on chronic diseases that are preventable in the first place.  

Today is the day you can learn how three simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can not only make you healthier but it may allow you to live healthier longer - possibly to a healthy age of 100!  

Watch to learn how changing your lifestyle can reduce your healthcare costs! 
There are 3 things you can do to prevent chronic diseases

1.  Change your diet - I have successfully used Dr. Gundry's diet program "The Plant Paradox" to help me lose over 25 pounds and I reduced my chrolesterol back to normal (first time in over 10 years). 

To learn more about "The Plant Pardox Program"  watch the following video.

To learn more about Dr. Gundry's diet program, you can purchase a used book on Amazon.  Just search for  "Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution" or his latest book, "The Plant Paradox". 

Although the Gundry diet is amazing, I realize most people would rather stick to the Western American diet vs drastically changing their diet and eating plant food all day.  If this is you, then make sure you check out the spirulina diet supplement in step number three below.


2.  Start Exercising - I walk 30 to 60 minutes a day and have been for 60 straight days!

Before I started my anti-aging regimin, I only walked around the office or at home.  This equated to about 4,000 steps per day.  I now walk 11,900 steps per day and over 30 miles per week. I plan on walking every morning for the rest of my life.

To learn more about the benefits of walking, watch the short video below...   

3. Supplements for Anti-Aging 

I currently take a few supplements and plan on adding other supplements and will publish the results in the next few months.  Here are two supplements that I recommend everyone put on their list.

Supplement #1 - NMN: The newest anti-aging supplement discovered by David Sinclair of Harvard Medical Labs

In the past few years, studies suggest that NAD+ systematically declines with age, which contributes to many age related diseases.  What is NAD+?  Welll NAD+ helps facilitate cellular functions, DNA repair, growth, and many more things. Quite simply, without NAD+, life would not be possible.

A new study published in Nature Metabolism reveals how NMN enters the cell in order to become NAD+.  NMN is  beneficial because it elevates levels of NAD+, which decline with age. NAD+ is vital to metabolism, turning nutrients into energy, and it also activates sirtuins, a set of proteins that regulate longevity. We can activate NAD+ in our bodies by consuming foods with NAD+ precursors in them. While NMN can be found in trace amounts in various foods, most people can’t eat enough of anything to boost NAD+ levels back to youthful levels. As a result, supplementing with NMN, an NAD+ precursor can help mitigate the decline.

To learn more about this new anti-aging supplement, click here to read an article from Harvard Medical School and of course, please watch the short Dr. Sinclair video below.

To order NMN, just search for it on Amazon


To learn even more about Dr. Sinclair and NMN, click here for further information.

You can also check out his latest book, "Life Span - Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To"  You can find it in bookstores or Amazon.


Supplement #2 -  Losing weight is now easier than ever with a patented product with Spirulina as one of the main ingredients.  In fact, this product also uses a patented process of growing Spirulina which allows this five year old company to produce the only product or superfood grown without harmful chemicals or toxins.  In case you are not aware of it, Spirulina is one of the original and best superfoods known to man.  Spirulina has the richest sources of nutrients or micro-nutrients that nature offers.  

About five years ago, a European bio-tech company spent over $50 million dollars and patented the process of growing Spirulina using vertical farming in a pharacuetical setting. Nutritional research indicates that Spirulina is actually 12 times higher in protien than beef.  Plus when it is grown in a pharacuetical setting, it is much safer for your body too.  In fact, Spirulina has been used for years to successfully treat malnourished children in underdeveloped countries around the world.  

What does Spirulina have to do with losing weight?  

This same European bio-tech company has patented a weight loss product containing their Spirulina created using their patented vertical farming process.  In fact, they started clinical trials over 10 months ago and many folks are losing a half of a pound and up to a pound of belly fat per day.  Many participants are getting healthier, losing weight, feeling better and of course, looking better too.  

This weight loss product has been shown to help people shrink their waistline, by lowering the causation of new fat cells and its ability to faciliate cellular detox thus allowing for safe release of belly fat.  

Did you know there is a BIG LIE about weight loss?

To learn how the industry has lied to you about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, just watch the following video titled "The Big Lie about Weight Loss".


To learn more about the patented weight loss product that focuses on shrinking the waist, lower the creation of new fat cells and it supports your immune system, mood and most importantly, your gut health, then click the link below, where you will learn from experts in health and nutrition who expain in detail how this new technology will become a household name in a year or two.  

Click Here to learn more about the patented process of creating Spirulina and their patented products.

Final Comments:  Take responsibility for your future and learn everything you can about weight loss and anti-aging.  I will be testing these and new supplements and reporting on my results every few months.  So check back often to find out what's new in the world of longevity and anti-aging.

Mark Oestreich


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