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April 26, 2020  Learn how to market your Q3 business via landing pages and co-op advertising. Watch the video below for details.  You'll learn how the Q3 Tech Team can help you drive potential customers to your Q3 affiliate site.  

Join our Cooperative Advertising Program   

Generating leads for your Q3 business (i.e. "The Perfect Business") is essential if you want to develop long-term success. 

We realize not everyone is comfortable contacting their warm market (or they've burnt them out with other opportunities) and others simply never developed a list of contacts to share their new products or services.

Here is the key to success for any business venture.  In order to develop long-term residuals with Q3 or any other opportunity, you need to continuously advertise to your targeted demographic in order to introduce new prospective customers and affiliates. 

Problem #1 - Advertising is expensive

An effective online advertising campaign using Google, Bing or email marketing can easily cost you thousands of dollars per month.  However, we offer an advertising system, whereby a small group of Q3 affiliates join together to advertise "The Perfect Business".  In the advertising industry we call this cooperative (or co-op) advertising.  For new affiliates on a small budget, it is the most cost effective way to advertise their business (usually less than $100 per month).

Problem #2 - Not all advertising sources are effective

If you're new to small business advertising, you'll quickly find there are many ways to advertise, including email ads, pay-per-click, location marketing, etc. etc.  Yes, you'll find it time consuming to learn how to advertise, but more importantly, you'll quickly find out that $1,000 can be spent on ads that don't produce the results you were expecting.


The Solution - Co-op advertising 

The Q3 Tech Team is a group of experienced marketers with over 100 years of combined marketing experience.  Not only do we believe Q3 to be "The Perfect Business", we also can save you lots of money by bringing our years of experience in advertising products, services and affiliate opportunities.

Our Co-op Advertising System is proven to develop leads for everyone who participates.  Instead of chasing family and friends, the only thing you have to do is to follow up with your hot leads via email or by phone (if they request it).  Then you'll just share your experience with the technology and answer any of your prospects questions.

Current Co-op Advertising Program

Each week, the Q3 Tech Team will organize a group of ten affiliates into a single advertising campaign.  Each campaign is designed to generate 50 to 100 or more prospects for each participating affiliate.  The campaigns run for approximately four weeks and there's no obligation to renew after your first campaign is complete.

Cost per Q3 Affiliate - $97.00

What you receive:

1.  "The Perfect Business" marketing website fee is included for each co-op member (more details provided below as a separate service).  This website takes your prospects through a video based presentation leading them to make the decision to either purchase a Q3 band or become an affiliate or both.  You will need to purchase a domain name to mask over your site, but if you need help, we can provide that service to you. 

To view "The Perfect Business" presentation website... Click Here 

2.  Advertising directly to prospects cell phones.  Currently, the best way to prospect for new affiliates is to advertise directly to our prospects mobile phones.  Today, more and more prospects are ignoring email messages - even if they receive them on their mobile phone.  Did you know that over 95% of text messages are viewed within 3 minutes or less.  Therefore, we concentrate our marketing on mobile advertising as the primary way to reach our target market.  

3.  Each week, you'll receive a listing of new prospects to follow-up with.  Just send a follow-up email to your prospective affiliates (we provide a sample email to all our co-op advertising members).  We have found that many prospects did not finish the presentation the first time around, so you will want to make sure you personally send out an email or a text message with your Perfect Business marketing website link.  

How to reserve your spot in the next available co-op:

1.  Send an email to mutualaffiliates@gmail.com  In the subject line enter "Q3 Ad Co-op and your name".  In the body indicate you are ready to participate or if you have questions, just include them in the body of the email.  We'll get back to you within 12 to 24 hours. If the co-op is full for the week, you'll be put on the waiting list for the next co-op, which will start when 10 more affiliates are ready to participate.  

2.  You will be notified via email to pay for your share in the advertising co-op.  In the email will be payment instructions.  Currently, you can pay via Paypal or Zelle.  If you prefer to make payment via another source (money order, BTC, etc., then please ask for availability).

3.  After 10 affiliates are paid, the advertising campaign will start and run for approximately 28 days.  

Landing Pages Only -  "The Perfect Business" and "The Q3 Health Focus" presentation websites 

If you don't initially join our co-op advertising program, then it is essential that you have a presentation website that links to your company provided Q3 affiliate site.  The company's Q3 affiliate website gives your prospects more detailed information on both the product and the opportunity, plus it's where your prospects order a Q3 band and/or to become a Quantum3 affiliate. 

Here are three reasons you need one or both of the presentation websites offered by the Q3 Tech Team:

  1. It provides a simple to follow presentation - which leads your prospects to either; make a purchase, join your team or if they have further questions, your prospect can email you or leave you a voicemail to answer their questions.
  2. A presentation website makes you and your offer stand out from your competitors.  If other affiliates only promote their company Q3 website, there is no compelling reason to join the Q3 business - as the company website is predominantly health orientated.
  3. We provide not only your contact details (name, email and phone number), but we also provide a quick and easy way for your prospects to leave you a voicemail - DIRECTLY FROM YOUR WEBSITE.  When a prospects clicks the voicemail link, they can quickly and easily record and send you a message.  You'll instantly receive their message in your email inbox.  Once you listen to their voicemail, you can hear how serious they are and more importantly, you can determine if your prospect is product oriented or if they are mainly interested in the business opportunity.  


To review "The Perfect Business" presentation website, Click Here

To review the "Q3 Health Focused" presentation website, Click Here

All-inclusive cost for your own presentation websites - $25 

What is included:

  • "The Perfect Business" and "Q3 Health Focusedpresentation websites with your contact details
  • A link on your site to leave you a voice mail - directly from your website.
  • Hosting for one year
  • You provide the domain names (additional $20 if we provide the domain names)


A la cart options:

"The Perfect Business" presentation website only - $10 (includes one-year of hosting)

"Q3 Health Focused" presentation website only - $10 (includes one-year of hosting)

Voice mail service added to either of the website options above - $5 (one-year of hosting)

You provide the domain name for your website (use Go Daddy or similar domain registrar) 


How to order your presentation websites:

1. Send an email to mutualaffiliates@gmail.com  In the subject line enter "Perfect Business or Q3 Health Focused website request and your name".  In the body include:

  • Your name (as you want it to appear on the website)
  • Your email address (this will also be the email address to send your voicemails to)
  • Your phone number  

2. You will be notified via email to pay for your presentation website.  In the email will be payment instructions.  Currently you can pay via Paypal or Zelle.  If you prefer to make payment via another source (money order, BTC, etc., then please ask for availability).

3.  Once you have paid for your website and based on demand, it usually will be completed in 36 to 48 hours. 


Final Comments:  If you have other suggestions for websites or marketing resources, please email me and I will respond as soon as possible.  


Remember Why Q3 is "The Perfect Business"

  • We have an affordable product EVERYONE in America needs TODAY.
  • There is NO product purchase necessary to become an affiliate.
  • Offers a VERY LOW, one-time affiliate fee.
  • NO monthly purchases or autoships - EVER.
  • Patented affiliate commission plan - highest payout in affiliate marketing, BAR NONE.
Good luck and our goal is to help you stay healthy and prosper using the "Q3 Shield Technology."  


Your "Q3 Tech Team" 

Mark Oestreich, Sky Canyon and Larry Rolen

mutualaffiliates@gmail.com  Mark's email

SLgroup.news@gmail.com  Sky and Larry's email

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